Welcome Message from Robert Johnson

The 19th century American painter and teacher Charles Hawthorne once said that "If you look behind a good painter you will find square miles of canvas." At gallery shows or within individual articles or publications one doesn't get a glimpse of the breadth of an artist's work. Galleries often have a preference for one genre or subject matter of an artist's work. Articles and other publications often share that predisposition to focus on only one type of work. When I contemplated establishing a website I felt it would offer an opportunity to exhibit a glimpse of the "square miles of canvas" that perhaps one would not see in an individual
article or gallery show featuring my work.

In addition, the website gives me a convenient opportunity for students, collectors and colleagues to keep up with
events, teaching commitments, and demonstrations . If you are interested in any of these activities, please contact directly, the individuals who are listed as organizers of these events since they have all information regarding details.

I am extremely pleased that the website offers me an opportunity to make available, my new book: "On Becoming a Painter" (Sunflower Publication, NY; 222 pages; 108 color plates). The book is my effort to set forth, verbally and visually, the fundamental principles of painting which I consider important when creating my art. Midway in the process of writing the book, I made a
conscious decision to emphasize the visual components of the book to include larger details of paintings to illustrate the way the paint is applied and depict the beauty of the fresh oil paint itself. I learned a lot from studying enlarged details of old master paintings in books when I was beginning to learn how to paint. I hope that you find the book to be a helpful and significant part of your development as a painter or art lover. I would welcome your comments after reading the book.

The website also gives me an opportunity to share, from time to time, my thoughts and observations on art and the process of painting.
These are under the sub-heading
"Thoughts on Art-Miles of Canvas".

Robert Johnson  

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