I was asked to compile a photographic record of a painting in progress to be used in connection with an article on my work that was published in the May '03 issue of "The Artists Magazine". I photographed several still lifes in their various stages of completion. I thought it might be of interest to those who visit the web site to see my basic approach to completing a painting as represented in these stages.

Here is
"Roses In A Persian Vase with Apricots"[16x20], and “Gladiolas and Melons”[16x20].

In addition, I have added these two pieces that were short demonstrations of still life done during a workshop in Oct 2002 at Liliedahl Fine Arts. These demonstrations were part of the workshop to assist students in the depiction of metallic surfaces such as copper, and painting flowers in a clear glass container. The first is “Copper Cup with Rose and Grapes” then “Flowers in a Crystal Vase”.

Both of these subjects involve their own particular problems and the demonstrations illustrate my approach to solving them.

In addition, these demonstrations are included in a C.D. produced by Liliedahl Fine Arts.  The C.D. will contain more than 250 still images of each of the paintings in progress together with my printed commentary on the stages of the paintings' progress.
Please contact
Liliedahl Fine Arts for further details.
I hope that you find these demonstrations helpful and informative.  Robert Johnson

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